Nutraceuticals: What are they?

Nutraceuticals are any products made from food sources that have additional health advantages. This phrase combines "nutrient," which refers to a healthy dietary ingredient, with "pharmaceutical," which refers to a prescription medication. 

The use of nutritional supplements as non-specific biological treatments to enhance overall health is known as nutraceuticals. Stephen DeFelice, the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, a United States-based organization with its headquarters in Cranford, first used the term "nutraceutical" in 1989.

According to a Greek physician named Hippocrates, who is regarded as the founder of medicine, the concept behind natural nutraceuticals is to put an emphasis on prevention. He once remarked, "Let food be your medicine." One of the most significant fields of research is on their involvement in human nutrition.

When we discuss nutraceuticals, we are referring to a fairly broad group of goods that must adhere to the following standards: 

Be products of natural origin that have been extracted and purified using undenaturing techniques to maintain their original qualities. 

They must have beneficial health effects: improvement of one or more physiological functions, preventive and/or curative action, improvement of quality of life and provide temporary stability, such as Biobest Wellness products.

They need to pass a chemical analysis, stability analysis, and toxicity analysis. 

It is necessary to conduct reproducible research of their biological effects.

Different products that are related to nutraceuticals are described differently depending on the source. These products can be divided into groups based on their natural sources, pharmacological conditions, and chemical composition. Natural nutraceuticals are often divided into four categories: medicines, functional foods, dietary supplements, and medical foods. 

In order to promote health, prevent chronic illnesses, delay the aging process, or just support the body's integrity and functioning, nutraceuticals may be employed. 

A nutraceutical is a supplement that often comes in liquid, capsule, powder, or tablet form and includes nutrients obtained from food items. Nutraceuticals are legally considered foods, although their regulation is different from that of pharmaceuticals and other food items.